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A good product listing on Amazon means good visibility and search results. That’s why it’s important to use SEO (search engine optimisation) rules when preparing product listings. This will lead to better ranking in product searches, higher sales and ultimately will make finding products easier.

Factors that should be considered include product titles, descriptions, bullet points, images and pricing.

Keyword research

The first step to each product listing optimisation is to conduct a thorough keyword research. Preparing a comprehensive list of words and phrases that are most relevant to your product and most likely to lead to a high conversion rate is invaluable.

There are a multitude of tools that can be used to find correct keywords, although relevant phrases can also be found by thinking like a customer and typing a variety of keywords into the Amazon search box.

A relevant keyword list will be useful when creating all text content and providing backend search keywords.

Product Title

The product title is one of the most important things the customers see, and therefore, sellers need to ensure that they are relevant.

Amazon’s search engine uses product titles when deciding whether a product fits a specific customer search. A well optimised title means shoppers can find your brand, which increases traffic and product visibility.

To increase the chances of a high conversion rate, make sure that your product title matches the physical item and that it is appropriately long. Start your title with the brand name and follow all Amazon guidelines.

Key Product Features

Key features, also known as product bullet points, are another important element of a good product listing. Bullet points should communicate about the most important product features and explain their benefits. A well written bullet point also includes relevant keywords.

To provide the shoppers with the best experience, try to keep your product features clear and precise. They should highlight distinguishing characteristics of the product that make it unique. You can include up to five bullet points per product.

Product Description

The product description field offers customers more information about the product. Use it in order to provide details regarding the size, quantity, colour, packaging or material type of the item.

Highlight product specific details and provide more information about the brand that was not located anywhere else within the listing. This way you will make it easier for customers to find your products, evaluate its characteristics and purchase it.

Listing Quality Dashboard

To make listing optimisation easier, Amazon offers a dedicated tool. The Listing Quality Dashboard can be accessed through Seller Central, it shows sellers which product listings may require additional information and optimisation.

This tool will help you follow Amazon’s recommendations and provide a better customer experience.

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