Amazon Brand Store

The Brand Store is a powerful tool for advertising and promoting your brand on Amazon. It’s a way to stand out from other sellers and reach a larger group of buyers.

Stores are available for sellers and vendors with a registered and approved Amazon brand, at no additional cost. Invest in your brand store and get discovered by shoppers!

All your products in one place

An Amazon Brand Store is where you can promote your entire product portfolio. It allows you to showcase your brand and products in a multipage, immersive shopping experience.

You can create your Brand Store using Amazon’s self-service store builder, available through the advertising console. Store templates, widgets and different layouts are available for mobile and desktop.

Brand Store with your own branded URL on Amazon

In order to create a Brand Store on Amazon, a brand name registration is required, which is a process by which Amazon checks your ownership of the brand and links your products under the brand registration.

Your brand store will be listed under the same brand name, so it can be easily accessed and recognised by shoppers.

For example, you are a seller on, your brand name is XYZ, then the site name of your brand store on Amazon is: Access to the Brand Store is possible from your product detail pages, and can be promoted on Amazon using Brand Advertising.

Furthermore, You can share your Amazon Brand Store link via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter to drive more traffic. 

PersonaliSed brand store without coding

You decide how you want to promote your brand on Amazon. You can design your Brand Store according to your own ideas and present your products with the help of ready-to-use templates and features such as sections for text blocks, photos, infographics, “shoppable” images and even videos.

Once you’re happy with the design, you have to submit your Brand Store design for review. It will be typically reviewed within 24 hours. And then you’re Brand Store is live, all done without writing a line of code!


A Brand Store looks like a classic online store with your logo and a toolbar at the top.

It consists of a homepage and subpages where you upload related content with the product linked images and product grid. Care should be taken to ensure the design of the Brand Store makes it easy for shoppers to find your products.

Image quality and size is important for all Amazon content, and Brand Stores are no exception. The required sizes vary depending on the section of the page. For example, to set the header (the banner at the top of the Brand Store), the image must be at least 3000 x 600 pixels and in case of your brand logo, the image must be at least 400 x 400 pixels. In the store builder you will find all the information for required parameters. 

Measure your performance

Once your Brand Store is live and active, valuable data is collected by Amazon, available to you to review. The Insights Dashboard is where you can check a range of metrics that will measure the performance of your Brand Store.

You can see metrics such as the number of visitors, units sold and sales in a given period. Traffic data is also available, including views generated from your Sponsored Brands ads, clicks from your byline on product detail pages and external marketing activities driving traffic to your Amazon Brand Store URL.

You can also add a special ‘tag’ to the URL, to allow more detailed analysis of traffic sources to your Brand Store.

Need some help?

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